Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Interview with Richard Tatge and tour of his game-filled basement

A long-standing project finally reaches fruition. Minicon 48 Fan Guest of Honor and MN-StF Foundling Father Richard Tatge, interviewed 3/7/13 in his home. Lots of video of his load-bearing games (he estimated he has between 5000 and 6000), and some of my photos of him going back to 1979.

Richard Tatge on gaming, with a tour of his game collection. March 2013

There's actually more to our talk about light shows and filking and such, but I wanted to keep this short. It's just under 13 minutes. The thought was to show it at Opening Ceremonies, which might still happen, but I prefer Richard's idea of leading us all in "Golden the Ship Was Oh Oh Oh".

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