Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Adventures in Culinary Multiculturalism: Vaguely Huevos Rancheros and Vienna Press Coffee

We have some corn tortillas. They fall apart if not heated, or something. I decided to use them in breakfast.

In a large Pam-sprayed pan, I fried four eggs to just under where I would normally serve them sunny side up. Separate the eggs in the pan. I cut slabs of sharp cheddar cheese as thinly as I could, which wasn't very. At the right moment, I used the spatula to lift the eggs, one by one, slid a tortilla in the pan and a slab of cheese, then put the eggs on top.

Let melt. While it was melting, I looked up a recipe for huevos rancheros. I probably should have done that first. It had a much fancier recipe, cooking with oil and lots of ingredients. Oh well. I added leaves of cilantro on top, which made it look pretty. I took salsa from the fridge, but we never used it.

When the cheese melted and the eggs were slightly more done, serve. We had some ham spread, which we used as a side.

No spicing, no salt (except what was in the ham spread). Dee-lisch, but we needed a knife to cut the tortillas.

Carole needs coffee in the morning, and has this K-Cup one-cup coffee maker. Easy and fast, but I find the coffee is weak and not particularly to my taste. So my birthday present to myself was this campers coffeepress. You need course ground coffee, and I've been experimenting with various mixes to extend the ground coffee I got for Carole which she doesn't use and I don't think is worth the effort.

Added cinnamon. Real coffee!

Aaah, now I'm awake.

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