Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

20130505 May Day Parade and Festival -- photos on FB

The day started cold, as predicted, but then got much warmer. By the time the parade started, I regretted bringing my jacket. But it was too late: No MN-StF picnic. So I didn't stick around for too long.

Because of the nice weather, attendance was very high. By comparison: Two years ago. it snowed. Last year, the parade was delayed a week due to the weather.

This year, the parade was underfunded but very nice, and what I saw of the Festival was great. Didn't stay for the music or whatnot. Probably just as well. I'm sore from all that walking and a bit sunburned on the back of my hands. Glad I was wearing a jacket after all.

Public FB gallery: 20130505 May Day Parade and Festival

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