Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Trip to Boston and Martha's Vineyard: Preliminary stats

Carole and I just got back from our trip to Boston and Martha's Vineyard. Plane leaving Boston was delayed, which had the advantage of fewer people on the flight but the disadvantage of getting us home too late to do much of anything but collapse. I haven't started processing the photos or getting the mail from the Post Office or setting my internal clock to Central Time. I'll have a longer report, or at least pictures, soon. In the meantime:

Preliminary stats on trip 5/31-6/11 to Boston, MA and Martha's Vineyard, MA:

Weddings: 1
Memorial Services: 1

Photos taken 1263 (approx)
Miles on rental car: 662
e-mails waiting on return: 773

New aunties and other "table family" who escaped from China in the 1940s and fled to Taiwain: 9 (though not all were at the wedding)
Nieces and extended nieces now more grown up: 4
Carole's brothers met: 1 (named "David" no less)
Tilley Hats worn: 2

Whole lobsters demolished: 2
Lobster rolls eaten: 2
Katama oysters eaten: 8
Clams eaten: Fried, steamed, raw
Bowls of lobster or clam chowder/bisque: Lots
Farm fresh eggs eaten: Lost count, but at least a dozen

Lighthouses visited: 4 (I think)
Lighthouses climbed: 1
Pairs of 9EEEE New Balance sneakers purchased: 3 (plus one by Carole)

Bookstores visisted: 2
Copies of "World In Collision" purchased: 0 (neither of them had it)
Copies of "A Canticle for Leibowitz" given as gift when I couldn't find "Worlds In Collision": 1
Postcards of Minnehaha Falls purchased: 1

Whaling/ship museums visited: 2
Native American museums visited: 1
Upscale painting/photography/glass galleries visited: As many as we had the time to stop for
Reality show tapings encountered: 1 (Carole has a better story)

Times attacked by a rooster: 1
Slobbering dogs now friends: 3
Car insurance payments missed: 1 (so I paid late)

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