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20130531-0611 Trip to Boston and Martha's Vineyard -- A Wedding and A Memorial

My cousin Hal was getting married. Carole had a narrow window in which to hold a memorial service for her father (who died in 2012 while Carole was recovering from her knee operation). We combined the two for a long trip. Forgive the lengthy post. I want to list all the galleries in one place, and post a few select images.

We left Minneapolis on May 31, 2013 CE, in time to make the rehearsal dinner in Boston. We stayed with my uncle Lee and Aunt Lulu in Lexington, which is always a pleasure. The wedding was great, and we mingled with our new "table family", the bride's relatives. I should like to get to know them better; a fascinating group.

From Boston, we went to Martha's Vineyard by ferry. Carole as much advance work from here as she could, but she needed to be present for much of the preparation for her father's memorial services and spreading of the ashes. She visited old friends and old haunts, I met many lovely people, we visited as many of the touristy places as we had time for. And we ate fresh eggs and fresh seafood all across the Vineyard.

The Boston photo galleries were fairly easy to make. The trip to Martha's Vineyard was a hodgepodge of people and events. Dividing up the photos to make coherent galleries was a challenge. Hope you can get a glimpse of our experiences.

20130531 Rehearsal Dinner

20130601 Wedding of Jimin & Hal

20130531-0602 Lee & Lulu's - Summer Shack

20130604-10 Memorial and Ashes on Martha's Vineyard

20130603-10 Martha's Vineyard family and friends

20130603-10 Hannah and John's Farm

20130603-10 Vineyard lighthouses and Aquinnah Cliffs

20130603-11 Vineyard Ferry Trips

20130603-10 Martha's Vineyard Eateries

20130604-09 Vineyard Beaches, Bookstores and Shops

20130604-09 Vineyard Art Galleries and places of interest

20130601Wedding Ceremoney
Jimin and Hal get married. Boston, 6/1/13

20130601Ethel, Lulu, Lee
My mother Ethel, Aunt Lulu and Uncle Lee at the wedding. Boston 6/1/13

20130601 Jimin, Hal, Jimin's mother
Jimin, Hal and Jimin's mother. Boston 6/1/13

20130601Carole and Dave cut a rug
Carole and Dave cut a rug at the wedding of Jimin and Hal. Boston, 6/1/13

2013061 Cousins
Cousins. The first time the four of them were together. l-r: My niece Antonia, extended niece (cousin's kid) Lily, e-niece Toby and e-niece Sydney. Toby and Sydney are cousins, everyone else is a second cousin. Wedding of Jimin and Hal. Boston 6/1/31

20130604 Cully, Carole, Chester
The Aquinnah Shop is a restaurant overlooking the gorgeous Gay Head cliffs and Vineyard sound. Carole's cousin Cully owns the restaurant. l-r: Cully, Carole and Chester. Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard. 6/4/13

20130604 Vase made by Carole's mother
Vase made by Carole's mother, on display at the Aquinnah Shop. Martha's Vineyard 6/4/13

20130608 Carole and brother David
Carole and brother David haven't seen each other for years, and meet for the memorial service. Martha's Vineyard. 6/8/13

20130608 Memorial Service
Some of the circle for the memorial, right before the service. Note smudge pot on lower right; people lit a bit of sage and remembered Edmund. Martha's Vineyard. 6/8/13

20130608 Gay Head Lighthouse
Gay Head (named for the colors of the sand and foliage) is now called Aquinnah, but the older name is still used. The Gay Head Cliffs, and Gay Head Lighthouse, are still beautiful and powerful for the Wampanoag tribe. It's here that Carole spread the ashes of her father. Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard. 6/8/13

20130608 Carole honoring her father
Carole drummed and sang, honoring her father. Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard. 6/8/13

20130608 Carole spreading her father's ashes over the cliff
Carole spreading her father's ashes over the cliffs, to wind up in the sea. Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard. 6/8/13

20130609vineyard753 Crab
Chester holds a little horseshoe crab at Lobsterville Pond, Martha's Vineyard. 6/9/13

20130609vineyard747 Carole on Menemsha Point
Carole on Menemsha Point, the highest elevation on Martha's Vineyard. 6/9/13

20130609 Allen Whiting
Artist Allen Whiting, at the Davis House Gallery, his home and display. Martha's Vineyard 6/9/13

20130609vineyard768 Lobster
Carole and I ate our way through Martha's Vineyard. Here, fresh lobster caught nearby and prepared by Larsen's Fish Market. Dining is very much al fresco. Martha's Vineyard. 6/9/13

20130609vineyard777 Carole looking over the water
Carole looking over the waters at East Chop, at the Vineyard Sound (at one point in history, the second busiest waterway in the world ((after the English Channel)), claimed the docent at the lighthouse. Martha's Vineyard. 6/9/13

20130610 Carole on the Gay Head Lighthouse
Carole on the Gay Head Lighthouse. Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard 6/10/13

The trip was extensive and exhausting, but my cousin is married and Carole's father has been laid to rest. *whew*

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