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Method Con: A Rune conreport for LJ

Method Con: A relaxing conreport

Note: I wrote this for Rune and will send it to Matt in a bit. I wanted to test drive it on LJ, and add the video of Nate and a few links. Comments and corrections are appreciated.

Method Con (aka METHOD Con) was held October 18-20, 2013CE at the SpringHill Suites Marriott, a change in venue from previous years. A nice change, as the smaller hotel fit the small con very nicely. Just over fifty people inhabited several function rooms of various sizes and shapes, all close to one another. The staff was friendly and helpful. The Gaming Room was almost always busy with gamers, and the Programming Room's adaptability made it ideal for brainstorming, a buffet dinner or music concerts.

I had a relaxed time. Carole and I ducked in briefly on Thursday to help set up, but Patricia Zetelumen, Emily Stewart, Laura Krentz, Liz Fish, Hershey Lima, Magenta Griffith and the concom had everything in hand. We hung out, got the nickel tour. Carole eyed the Jacuzzi, and made plans.

20131018 Cupcake decorating at Methodcon
Cupcake decorating. Method Con 10/18/13

The theme of the con was "Steampunk", off of which hung decorations and badge design. A few people brought their steampunk costumes , and had their pictures taken against a green screen.

For a relaxacon, there was a lot of hands-on programming. I didn't make any steampunk water bottles or decorate any cupcakes, but I did play a bit of Money Duck. At the dinner break, a bunch of us went to a restaurant so close that several people walked. I had Tea-Soaked Duck, which was delicious, but we all tried a bit of everything. Rounded out Friday by spending time in the Music Room listening to Laramie Sasseville, Nate Bucklin and Peggy O'Neil.

Carole did sneak off and take a nice long hot tub soak. Aaah.

The clouds dissuaded us from stargazing or checking out the lunar eclipse, but Rachel Kronick ran a Worldbuilding session which was appropriately silly. The session results were left on the wall, adding to the decorations.

20131019 Gaming
Gaming at Method Con 10/19/13

On Saturday, I missed the Nature Walk, but got to the Minicon 49 Brainstorming which was followed by a Minicon 49 concom meeting. Many nifty ideas were slung and added to the wiki for further consideration. The plans for Minicon are proceeding apace.

The Indian buffet dinner was well organized far in advanced. The final realization was delicious and communal. More music, a few games, some ham wine, a couple of concerts… wow, the day went quick.

20131019 Nate & Teresa
Nate and Teresa in concert at Method Con 10/19/13

Sunday was the relaxing day of the relaxicon. I didn't even get to Closing Ceremonies. Made the dinner expedition to the Tea House. The Dead Dog Party was laid back. A few games, a few conversations, but many were on their smartphones. We could do that at home. So we did.

Method Con may have been small, but the swirl of events and different combinations of people at those events made it seem larger, at least to me. Thanks again to Patricia & co.

Public Facebook Gallery: 20131017-20 Method Con

Nate Bucklin, "Afraid of the Desperate" 10/19/13 link

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