Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
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Channukah Chaiku -- delivered

Carole and I had a lovely Thanksgiving in Washington DC with family and friends.

Public Facebook galleries:
20131126-28 Thanksgiving in DC Part I
20131129-1201 Thanksgiving in DC Part II

Since I posted the Channukah Chaiku on LJ, I thought LJ would be the place for a little exposition.

Antonia, lighting the Channukah candles for the second night. 12/28/13

Antonia, with my two gifts. (We combined the first and second night.) First, the headlamp. She used this to proper effect while riding her scooter.

Forehead light straps on
Light emitting diodes charge
Darkness to banish

Here, she wears it while painting on a Buddha Board. The brush is wet with water, allowing her to "paint" what she wants. When it dries, the board goes back to serenity.

Bright color when wet
Free the imagination
Live in the moment

Antonia's first Buddha Board art

Antonia with a plush wolf with a shirt that says, "Love from Minnesota". She quickly dubbed him "Wolfie" and went around the table so we could all hug him. 12/30/13

Spirit wolf message
with Love from Minnesota
Constant reminder

Antonia using her new wooden pen, with an insignia of a Minnesota eagle. 12/1/13

An eagle soars high
Your thoughts take wing as you write
Let the ideas flow

What she's writing in the above picture: A thank you note for Uncle Dave. Not bad for a first grader.

For the completists: The other Channukah Chaiku referred to a) a notecard collection of the only synagog designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, b) a tin plate emblazoned with various Minnesota iconography, and c) the moose poop are chocolates. (is chocolates?)

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