Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Urban Archeology: slide show & lecture at the downtown library Jan. 18 2-3pm

You're all invited!

I've been taking photos of Nicollet Avenue Repaving project for more than two years. I've posted photos in chronological order. The Minneapolis Central Library has encouraged me to put a few of them in some sort of coherent order for Urban Archeology: The Nicollet Repaving Project.

Free, at the downtown Library, 300 Nicollet Ave., Jan. 18, 2-3pm. Right before the MN-StF meeting!

I've been pulling photos to show in sequence, and have encouraged the project supervisors to come to answer any questions I can't answer.

This was a pretty big deal for those of us who live on Nicollet Ave between Lake and 40th, and for anyone who travels the route.

I dug into the history of the area, and my oldest photograph is from 1879. The Lake & 31st station for the "Motor Line" steam-powered streetcars; where the bus station is today. I also have pics of the baseball stadium where my condos and the Wells Fargo bank is.

And pics of the paving stones, streetcar rails, sewer structures, water mains, several different kinds if dirt/gravel, trees, traffic lights, etc etc etc. The hard part will be only talking for an hour. Anyone who has heard me geek out about the photos (which is many of you) know the fascinating details of the streets you don't think twice about driving over.

Facebook Calendar: Urban Archaeology: The Nicollet Avenue Repaving Project

The movie I made last year about the work done above and below ground at Lake & 31st:

Our Story So Far

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