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2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival - rehearsals and first day

Just before the Minnesota Fringe Festival formally got underway, a family crisis intervened. Everyone's fine, but I spend most of Friday on the phone and will be going out of town next week. So please forgive shortened coverage and abbreviated posting on LiveJournal.

I'm not going to add pictures to these posts, but will link to my public FB galleries and YouTube videos.

20140727-29 Fringe Rehearsals Crime Sex Speakeasy
20140730- Fringe from Ootiefest onward (will be added to)

I went to three run-throughs/dress rehearsals. All were great in their own way and recommended.

Crime and Punishment. Adapted from the novel, the performance takes place in the basement of The Soap Factory. 80 people at a time will wear masks (though not speak) and wander around as the show takes place around them. The immersive experience will be different for everyone. Creepy and unique. Probably not for everyone, but if you like your Fringe really fringy, this is the one to get to. It's already selling out, so check availability. My interview with Noah Bremer and others of "Crime and Punishment" with music and clips.

The Sex (Ed) Show. Courtney McLean and the Dirty Curls is always a fun, raunchy show. Sort of like filking sex. This show is a combination of skits and songs that are hilarious and touching (in a good way), ranging from "Sidecar" (about wanting grandchildren but realizing that one needs children first) to "The MILF Rap" and instruction on how to use a condom.

Speakeasy is a recreation of a Roaring 20s nightclub. A Bring-Your-Own-Venue, with comfy sofas and cafe tables, it's the dance studio of the producers. Limited to around 75 at a time, but even good for kids. The rehearsal I went to didn't have the whole cast, but the dancing was fun and energetic. They were so impressed by my photography that they asked me to write a skit for them... so it's possible I may actually be in one of the shows. My interviews with cast members of "Speakeasy" with a few dance clips.

Existentia. Yet another Bring-Your-Own-Venue. Though downtown, it has free parking and the show itself is limited to 30 people. Indeed, calling it a "show" or "performance" isn't quite right. The audience fills out a form about their travel experiences and is divided into groups. Each group goes to a station where a cast member/travel agent guides you through various experiences, from songs to smells, to help you determine where you want to travel to. Then you move on to the next one, cycling through all five stations. I gather this isn't the first time for "Existentia" at the MN Fringe, but having their own office space helps establish the travel agency atmosphere, with couches in the waiting lounge and appropriate tables for the groups. I'm hesitant to rate this one at all, but I suspect you'll learn a little about yourself, and it's really easy to get to know your fellow travelers. A potentially valuable experience.

Continuing at 2014 Fringe Festival -- my final four shows and other finery

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