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Baron Dave Romm

Dhalgren: Book I Chapter I -- the radio play

Thirty five years ago, give or take, I had this Mad Plan (tm) to adapt Dhalgren as a Shockwave Radio Theater production in three minute segments. I figured it would take 500 or so episodes, which would keep a weekly radio show going for a long time. Alas, this never came about. For the Convergence 2015 Panel “Dhalgren’s Wounded City: Bellona” 10pm Thursday 7/2/15, I finally wrote the first one. I ran it by Chip Delany, who's comment is at the end.

Performed live by the panelists, with implied music.


Music up

Announcer:  Dahlgren, by Samuel R. Delany.  Adapted for Convergence by David E Romm.  Book One, Chapter One.

In our previous episodes we followed Kid as he tried to make his way around a crippled city where time has lost its meaning and he shares his strength with a young boy and a beautiful woman, and makes notes in the margins of his plague journal.

We now join Dhalgren, already in progress.

Music down

Voice 1: … to wound the autumnal city.

Voice 2: So howled out for the world to give him a name.

Voice 3: All you know I know; careening astronauts and bank clerks glancing at the clock before lunch; actresses cowling at light-ringed mirrors and freight elevator operators grinding a thumbful of grease on a steel handle; student riots; know that dark women in bodegas shook their heads last week because in six months prices have risen outlandishly; how coffee tastes after you’ve held it in your mouth, cold, a whole minute.

Music Up

Announcer: Join us next time for Dahlgren, Book One Chapter Two when we hear her say,

Her (orgasmic): Aaah.

Music down

Delany reply on FB
Carry on, Baron Dave Romm! As they used to say in another century, "Run it up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes . . ."

Baron Dave's Public FB Gallery of Convergence 2015

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