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All the Cuba links from my trip May 20-29, 2015 CE

I visited Cuba as part of a Road Scholar tour from May 20 through May 29, 2015CE. The first and last days were in Miami, and the secon and penultimate days were travel, but we saw a lot, and took a lot of photos, in Havana and Trinidad. I also made notes, took video, and annotated my photos to make a travelogue more than a simple photostream. Enjoy.

I know many people don't want the travelogue, so I picked my 33 favorites photos for one gallery: Dave Romm's Cuba: Potential Pulitzers.

All my Facebook photostreams/albums/galleries are public:

20150520121 Cuba Day 1 & 2 - Miami and Havana

20150522 Cuba Day 3 - Havana - Senior Center & fruit stand

20150523 Cuba Day 4am Old Havana

20150523 Cuba Day 4pm Muraleando

2015024 Cuba Day 5am Art and Dance

20150524 Cuba Day 5pm Malecon & Classic Car ride to fort

20150525 Cuba Day 6 Road To Trinidad & Trinidad

20150526 Cuba Day 7am Trinidad Plaza Mayor

20150526 Cuba Day 7pm Munoz Sugar Tower

20150527 Cuba Day 8am Munoz Trinidad

LiveJournal Blog of Cuba Notes, containing observation and commentary and some pics.

FB Videos - Some videos also on Barondave007's YouTube channel:

  • 20150521 Constelacion (band) 1:00

  • 20150522 Senior Centerin Havana, Cuba

  • 20150522 Fun With Selfie Stick and Mirrors at the Hotel Nacianoal in Havana. 0:36

  • 20150523 Percussion Rehearsal, Havana Cuba. Prep for a major event in Old Havana. 2:42

  • Dancing at the Muraleando in Havana, Cuba May 23, 2015. We Roadies inow how to party - Cuban style! 5:09

  • "Come Together" by Backspace, Muraleando, Havana Cuba May 23. 2015. A young band rocks the joint. 3:55
    Public FB link

  • 20150524 Ismael Albela of the Danza Combinatoria de Cuba. Dancing in Cuba. 6:21
    Public FB link

  • 20150524 Malecon Selfie. Just me, relaxing by the beach. 1:07

  • 20150524 Driving Through Havana, Cuba in Classic Cars. 50s cars, with horns. 2:41
    Public FB link

  • 20150526 El Zapatero - Grupo Sorpresa. A street performance in Trinidad. 3:38

  • Interview with José, sixth generation potter. Trinidad. 1:54

  • 20150526 Guitarist Junior @ Trinidad Cuba. A restaurant house musician says what he likes about his town. 2:05

  • Julio Munoz - Photographer in Trinidad, Cuba - May 26, 2015 2:43
    Public FB link
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