Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Major Audio Projects Finished

I've been digitizing audio that doesn't exist in digital form. Têtes Noires asked me to make mp3s of their two albums, which meant making the aiff files first (yay!). They should be up on Dr. Jennifer Holt's site soon.

Waaaay back last year Richard Tatge asked me to dupe a bunch of filk tapes. I checked to see if they were available online -- not only were they not available, they only ever existed as tapes and were never made into records much less CDs. These tapes were dupes of dupes of dupes and in very poor quality. To save time (and to give Richard some instant gratification) I simply duped several of the tapes, but made aiff files of four of them. Finally, I split them up and improved the sound (I hope). I'm sure a real Logic Express maven could have made the sound even better, but I did what I could and they seem okay. A lot of Cynthia McQuillan and Julie Ecklar from the 80s. Con Clave promised to get back to me about the tape from their third convention (ConClave 30 is in October) but I never heard from them. Richard doesn't have the CDs yet, but will soon...

I recorded a couple of Warren King songs, also from the mid-80s. Hmm... I should go back and see what I can do with all those Tom Digby recordings... Some Rerun Rock (tv theme songs as interpreted by celebrity impersonators, eg Frank Sinatra doing The Adams Family Theme ala New York New York), Starship Jingle, Big Daddy (80s/90s songs done to 50s doo wop) and so on. Mostly for the show, but some just for me.

Many of these have been in the stack for a while, and I have been working on them for a long time. It's easier now. Knowing me, I'll want to go back and redo all the old files... RESIST!

While I made these primarily for myself and/or the person requesting them, remember my motto: I can be bribed.

Indeed, it would be nice to find a paying gig...

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