Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm


The Minnesota Fringe Festival kicked off with a Mini-festival of 30 shows, three minute segments of each. It was very crowded, and they had to add many extra seats. The 30 shows were a spectrum of the Fringe, ranging from shows I never heard of that were great, old favorites with new material and stuff I'm just as happy I know to avoid. I had a great time. I expect to have a great time at the Fringe itself, and at surrounding events (some of which will be on Shockwave; sound files from last year here; be sure to listen to Otis and Melvin. I saw them at the May Day Parade, and will try to get them on the show this year).

The Fringe, this year from Aug 3-13, comprises 172 shows spread out over 11 days. Apparently, they're instituting Encore performances in most venues, so the best attended show will be repeated. I don't know quite how that works yet.

The Fringe Festival web site for this year is up and running, with more bells and whistles.

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