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A bunch of things.

I dropped by Convergence this evening. Thursday before the con officially starts. There were people bustling about. Facades were being erected. Screws were electrically screwed. Inflatable chairs were being inflated. Signage was being posted. Pre-reg's were available for a bit: They asked for my ID. That isn't the first time I've been asked, and I'm certainly glad to go along with the extra security measures, but I think this is the first time that there wasn't someone who piped up, "I know him!" Or some variant thereof. I knew lots of people there, and even hung out with mle292 for a bit. But it wasn't the Minicon Thursday Night Pre-Con Party, and I really didn't have a group to help out, nor party to go to, and wasn't in charge of anything. I enjoy Convergence, and will undoubtedly enjoy this one, but I still miss the old, large, Minicons.

For years, my Condo Association urged me to run for Board of Directors, and I have demurred, pleading that I'm not always available Tuesday evenings (or any evening) when the Board meets. At the time, I was teaching evenings four nights a week, and later I had a class on Tuesday and later still I worked evenings. Nonetheless, I've managed to make the last three or four Annual Meetings, and now that I'm not currently working, I decided to go for it. If nothing else, it will look good on my resume.

Naturally, within a few days of formally submitting my name for the Board, I find I can't make the Annual Meeting. Ah well. I've arranged a proxy and all that, but I'd still rather be there. But no.

The occasion is my uncle's 80th Birthday party. I'll be headed off to Boston on Monday, the day after Convergence. Between now and then I have to finish the Sleepy Time CD for my 14-week-old niece (more on that in other messages, I suspect), finish the Instant iPod Library for my brother to replace the music lost in Katrina, do Convergence, write a column and pack. I'll probably be staying with my cousin, with the new baby, and babysit. It's been a long time since I've changed a diaper, but I can relieve new parents for a few hours.

A longer project (which I don't think I'll have time to do properly) is to annotate the IiL with age ranges. I can give a copy to my cousin, and he can pull a CD's worth of songs off the DVD when my niece hits 1 year old, 5 years, 15, etc.

When I get back, I get to interview a Republican. On Shockwave 7/15, my guest will be Alan Fine, Republican-endorsed candidate for this open Congressional seat. I know less about him than I knew about Keith Ellison, but that interview went very well. (Still available in the KFAI archives: scroll down to Shockwave, currently most recent show.) I spoke with Green Party candidate Jay Pond, and will get to him later. Now the Independence Party candidate wants on... I'll do more after the Fringe.

Where was I? Oh yeah. While I'll be around tomorrow (Fri), and won't be away from a computer for long stretches, I probably won't post as much to LJ in the next week or so.

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