Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

GOP-endorsed Alan Fine on Shockwave

Politics is a subset of science fiction humor.

Tomorrow, Sat. 3:30pm Mpls time (90.3FM mpls, or go to to get internet streaming), my guest will be Alan Fine, GOP-endorsed candidate for the Fifth District Congressional seat being vacated by Martin Sabo. His campaign manager just called to confirm. I don't know much about him, so did my usual web search for Stuff. Under the cut is my current thought on interview questions. Additional questions or comments are welcome. (I don't really want to talk about his brother...)

Much of what I've found of your campaign on the web is about the Democrats. A fair enough campaign tactic, but I want to you to convince me without going negative. I'm a white, Jewish moderate. In today's climate I'm a flaming liberal, but I'm still basically a moderate. There's really no way I'm going to vote for a Republican, but I don't want to vote against the other guy. In a three minute stump speech, here's your chance to convince me of the error of my ways. Why should I vote for YOU. (The same question as I asked Ellison.)

How would you handle the #1 problem facing the future: Global Warming. When you meet people who vociferously deny global warming, what do you say to them?

Do you support the federal government collecting personal data on you without a warrant?

Your slogan is "Fiscally Conservative and Socially Responsible!" Is it fiscally conservative and socially responsible to cut taxes, increase spending for pork barrel projects while cutting benefits for veterans and the elderly, and leave us with a $9 trillion federal debt?

You're a business consultant. That's a very wide area, can you be specific on what businesses you've worked with and what you did to help them? Warning: The use of too many buzzwords will get you buzzed. (From your literature: "Alan is currently a management consultant providing guidance to corporations on business strategy formulation and implementation, pre-merger and consolidation planning, leadership coaching and functional management." That's meaningless.)

Liberals -- not necessarily Democrats, but definitely the political left -- passed such programs as Social Security, Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, the 24nd Amendment outlawing Poll Tax, women's suffrage, repeal of Prohibition, federal deposit insurance, unemployment compensation, rural electrification, child labor laws, minimum wages and the 40-hour work week. Do you support these programs? (Probably an interview unto itself, and it may be the first casualty of a long-winded answer.)

Do you believe in the Bush's call for an Era of Personal Responsibility? Why doesn't Personal Responsibility include telling the truth, whether under oath or not?

Your web site contains none of your position papers. So here's your chance: What issues are important to you that aren't being talked about? (I like this as a last question.)

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