Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Take it away!

radparker is on his way to Chicago to be with Kate. I scored a box of CDs: 151, if I counted right. I took the closest box of the two without checking to see what was in what, and a first pass nets 97 that look good (and I'll probably check out the other 54). That increases my collection by more than 10%. With the booty comes two CD racks, which I could use... if I could find a place to put them.

So it's time to reorganize my condo. First step, get rid of lots of stuff. I have hundreds of floppies, 800K and the 1.4M kind. Plus flip-top cases for them. Most are used, though I have at least six unopened boxes. Yours for the asking. If no one claims them, I'll toss the used floppies, give the cases and unopened boxes to the Salvation Army.

Also for free: Commodore-64 stuff. I don't know why I kept it. A few games and such. Maybe even some C-64 floppies. Gone, gone gone if no one wants them.

I have a staggering amount of computer books about HTML and web design from when I was teaching at Brown, all top-of-the-genre with CDs, from at least 7 years ago. Also some other computer books; I don't know how much C++ has changed, but I've never looked at them. Write for a list, and any unused ones get tossed. I may keep the Mac Secrets books, at least one of them... but maybe not.

Lots of software and disks for OS 7, 8 and 9. Perfectly legal. Anything I've upgraded from I'll keep, but anything else is up for grabs, including Office 2001 (Mac) Teacher's edition and Symantec Utilities etc. Not sure what I'll do with the software, but at best they go deeper into a closet.

I have at least two ZIP drives, 100M, SCSI plus a lot of disks. $10 for the drives and I'll throw in some random amount of ZIP disks that probably have something on them.

A big item: my old television. 21" (I think), fine working order last time I tried. Comes with remote and maybe instruction booklet. Also: Cabinet with swivel top. Holds tapes or other stuff. Make me an offer. You'll have to pick it up.

Al and Kate


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