Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

New Year's Eve Update

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Year of our Moon Landing 37!

Winding up the old year has been slow since I got back from Boston last week, but not completely uneventful:

While I was gone, I was elected to my condo's Board of Directors. I'm the Secretary. Precisely what this means, I don't know. In the week and a half since my ascension, one perk manifested: I got a free lunch out of the deal, as two of us went to a neighborhood crime association meeting and the bar owner/host picked up the tab.

I finally finished the Internet iPod Library for my brother's family to replace the tapes and CDs lost during Katrina. DVDs hold 4.7G, they claim, but the burn never quite worked due to size. I kept making a smaller burn; fairly easy and painless, as the largest files were Shockwave, which I'll send under separate cover. Finally, at 4.24G, it burned. A mere 1288 compressed sound files. Whee!

Slowly, have started to make room. I hesitate to do anything major, like rearranging the living room, which will be Too Much Work. But I can get rid of stuff I've never looked at or haven't used in a decade. Threw away dozens of used floppies and HTML books from my Brown days. Various people want some of the stuff I talked about in my last message, but not enough. I'll probably wind up tossing/Salvation Army-ing a staggering amount of things. No, I've never used eBay, and for the prices I'd get it's not worth it.

The interview with Alan Fine, GOP-endorsed candidate for our open Congressional seat, went fine. You can hear it on the site. Go to the archives, look for Shockwave.

After going to the theater to see Superman (which was bad) and Pirates of the Caribbean (which was good), Netflix at home is a breather. I can watch intermittently, with the AC on, and check out Special Features.

The first disk of Soap was interesting. When the show first came on, I didn't like it, but in reruns it quickly became one of my favorites of all time. Watching the DVD, I can see why both trends developed: The first show is very week, and the characters don't really gel for several episodes. Billy Crystal's gay character, Jodie Dallas, is little more than a not-terrible-funny part of the dysfunctional family until about episode 7. It takes the entry of Chuck and Bob, my least favorite characters in the show, for everyone else to be better than. Finally, Crystal gets some good lines. Further, the best guest is Harold Gould, the nice Jewish guy in the hospital as Jodie is awaiting his sex-change operation. Their scenes together are priceless. On the plus side, there are 10 episodes on the disk. On the minus, there are no extras, not even closed captioning. I rounded it down to four stars.

Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Supermarionation marionettes from the 60s are personal favorites, though I readily concede it helps to have grown up watching them. I've been going through the release of the originals, which are loads of fun. Finally, I took the plunge and rented the recent movie adaptation. Horrible. Jonathan Frakes' direction is terrible, the main characters are hopelessly miscast (except for Ron Cook as Parker and maybe even Ben Kingsley as The Hood), the plot stupid, the explosions pedestrian, and the sensawonda of the original is completely gone. It has some okay extras, but I'm less than a half-hour into Frakes' commentary and might not finish.

Disk still at home: La Strada, the Special Edition. I have to be in the right mood for Fellini, and I'm not.

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