Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Tax cuts for the rich, potholes for the rest of us

Whenever a Republican "cuts taxes", hang on to your wallet. It's going to cost you more money. A case in point is Minnesota's joke of a governor, Pawlenty. Made one of those asinine "no new taxes" pledges when the state was more than $4 billion in the red after Ventura. By a combination of cutting services, raising tuition, moving budget lines around and establishing "fees" that weren't called taxes, he managed to balance the Minnesota budget... on paper. One of the results was reported yesterday in the Mpls Star Tribune, which went out of it's way to dismiss $50 million in Federal matching funds as "pet projects" even though it was for much needed highway repair. A very right-wing slant on a story that really shows just how bad the Republicans in Minnesota are at managing the economy. In this case, a Democratic Congressman did something for his constituents, and the Republican governor is powerless due to his own budget constraints.

Federal fund for Hwy. 53 sit idle

I fired off a letter, which was printed, unedited, in today's paper. 7/25 Letters.

Minnesota is so poor, it can't eat pork.

Federal funds for Hwy 53 cannot be used because the state can't match it. The state can't match it because it doesn't have the money. It doesn't have the money because our governor irresponsibly refused to consider tax increases to keep Minnesota's infrastructure at serviceable levels.

Whenever you see an accident due to lack of repairs or you are stuck in congestion, a driver on Hwy 53 can place the blame squarely on the Taxpayer's League of Minnesota and Gov. Pawlenty.

If it wasn't certain before, it's certain now: Zero tolerance for Republicans.

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