Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Bug Report

Spent a lovely day with Bridget "Bug" Bradshaw, aka taffbug. She's an English fan, winner of the TransAtlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) and has been touring the country before getting to the Worldcon and thence home. I wanted to interview her on Shockwave and show her a bit of the neighborhood.

Original plan was to walk around Cedar-Riverside, but it was much too hot for major outdoor treks. We first went to the Weisman Art Museum, a Frank Gehry-designed museum of modern art at the University of Minnesota. She bought postcards. From the coolness of the inside I pointed out various buildings of downtown Mpls and went on a bit about the Domed Stadium. We had to pop outside to really appreciate the building, so we did a bit of a tour of the campus; mostly the mall and the footbridges over Washington in front of Coffman Union.

The KFAI studios are right at Cedar-Riverside, so we went into Midwest Mountaineering. Kayaks galore! I interviewed her about TAFF and her impressions of the US. You can hear the broadcast on the KFAI Audio Archives (scroll down to Shockwave; the July 29 show will be Most Recent Show until next Saturday, and Previous Show until Aug 12). I'll podcast/archive the show myself at some point.

Afterward, we did do a bit of walking about the student enclave to see the funky parts. Ducked into Global Village to smell the incense and play with the odd musical instruments and admire the slippers. Didn't spend much time at the Hard Times Cafe.

After the show, we went back to where she was staying with elisem and J. As we were debating what to do for dinner, the power went out. So we went to the Mall of America. LegoLand! Had dinner in the food court (generic multicultural glop, but decent) and then went to the movies, picking up Victor R. along the way.

I can't recommend Monster House too highly. An amazing film, and you shouldn't go with any expectations, except that it's an animated children's horror film that everyone (including me) speaks highly of. Go. (You don't have to wait until the end of the credits, though you shouldn't leave just when they start rolling.)

The power was still out at their house, so we went to the Chatterbox to wait out the heat. Alas, the power was still out by the time I had to go. I felt bad leaving them, but it was cooler (or at least less oppressively hot) at midnight than at 5pm, they seemed like they could cope, and Victor had his car.

And now I'm back. The power here is on, and so is the air conditioner. I hope Bug had a good time. We both took pictures!

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