Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Fringe Festival begins in earnest

I've already seen 55 Fringe shows. Well, three minutes of 55 Fringe shows. In June, there was a preview of 30 shows, and last night an out-of-towners preview showcased an additional 22. I've made a bunch of friends and have promises of several people to Saturday's show.

Today, Aug. 3, the Fringe Festival actually starts here in Mpls. First big decision: Can I make it from the Lake Harriet United Methodist Church (4901 Chowen) to the Southern Theater (1400 Washington) in the half hour from 5 to 5:30pm... including parking and tickets. Mapquest says that if I use the highways it's 11 miles and 16 minutes; a shorter route is only 7 miles but 19 minutes, and I'm on the highway for a few miles anyway. I'll hit Rush Hour traffic either way, though it shouldn't be too bad (he says optimistically). One of the advantages of going by highway is that I pass right by my place. If the traffic is bad and I'm running late, I just miss the 5:30 show and go home for a bit.

Alternately, miss the 4:00 show and just go to the Southern. At 7, I'm meeting up with dreamshark to go see my favorite show from the June preview, African Roads, American Streets and thence to Die, Clowns, Die at 10. Both these should be popular and I'm hoping the first showing will be easier to get into.

I'm looking for reviewers with a different point of view. Last year, I had a Kid Reviewer (Rachel R.) I have a couple of pairs of comps to give out, with the priviso that a) you write a review on the Fringe Festival site and mention that you're doing this for Shockwave Radio and possibly b) show up to the show either this Saturday or the next to talk about it on the air. (Note that I only have tickets, not the buttons.) Let me know if anyone reading this is interested.

Last night, veteran Fringers, many of whom have been to three and four different Fringe Festivals around North American already, kept asking, "do you have your schedule all planned out?" Heavens no. At the moment, I have today filled up and one show targeted for tomorrow, but that's it. I'll do more planning today, but I usually don't go too many days out. For one thing, I don't think it's a real Fringe Festival until I see at least one show I don't like. Second, I usually load up in the beginning, so I can write reviews for their web site and talk about the shows on Shockwave. I am the buzz. Last year, I went to 24 shows, and felt a bit burnt out near the end. This year, I'm even more involved with the Fringe and have seen 55 shows before it even starts...
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