Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Fringe: Day Five

Another choreographed day, where I went to see three plays largely because the venues are very close together, up and down Franklin Ave, with easy parking.

1926 Pleasant Four Stars
The Seventh Guest in your condo A beautiful, beautifully done, set-piece. Interactive, cooperative and creepy. The audience (all 18 of us, together) has to solve puzzles to unlock the next piece of the story. The puzzles don't have much to do with the plot, sort of like many of the early video games, but that's okay: We had a grand time working together. I would recommend a) going with a bunch a friends and b) reserving your tickets well in advance. It would be nice if the actual storyline were clearer, but the unique venue is used to great effect. ( I hear a Fringe button is good for $5 off the purchase of a condo... don't quote me...)

Watching Porn Four Stars
It's Not In The Dictionary Watching Porn is about a clueless guy (much like you or me... well, okay, it's about a guy like me), who doesn't really understand sex, much less love. Uncomfortable situations are punctuated by laughs that get bigger and bigger as the situations become more and more uncomfortable. I hear that's what love is all about. My only complaint: Not enough real porn. Darn.

The above was written by Bill Stiteler of
Council of Doom. Last year, his Fringe show THACO was all about gaming. Partly for that reason, I thought it was a nice segue to another show about gaming in the same venue THACO was in. Met with dreamshark and R, who appreciate a good gaming story. Alas.

Carpe The DM One and a half stars
Stablehands of the Dinner Table Not particularly well written or well acted scenario of a gaming session that doesn't happen because romantic squabbles get in the way. A few okay lines and a few okay characterizations in a very short (30 min) show. The best plot device was ripped off from the comic
Knights of the Dinner Table. (Animated KotDT for your amusement.)

I don't feel like it's a Fringe until I've seen a show I didn't like. Now, that part of the experience is complete.

In case anyone wants to join me, Day Six (Tues) will be an all Rarig Center day, 5:30 She So Beloved, 7:00 Google: the Musical, 8:30 Tape.
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