Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Fringe: Day Seven

I've now seen 21 shows (if anyone's counting, dreamshark...) and don't feel much burn out. I think I'm doing the Fringe right, at least for my temperament: No more than three shows a day (except for Fridays, when showtimes start earlier), in close by venues (so I don't have to worry about quickly driving to a different venue and deal with parking) and finish up early to head home.

Foreign Exchange Vampires, Three and a half stars
Strange things happened in my meat drawer
Superbly acted and well crafted horror tale, full of humor and mystery, told by the family it happens to. I never got caught up in the story, but I did enjoy watching it unfold.

I met up with hunnythistle as expected, but we were also joined by Mark M, which was unexpected... even for him. He was in the wrong theater, having looked at Thursday's schedule. Glad he liked Criteria. davidwilford and Erin also came by (and will do a Shockwave Radio review!) and we sat together.

Criteria, Four Stars
Five and Prejudice Tim Mooney's one man show starts off slow by explaining the sorry state of the country in the 24th Century, but the exposition is necessary to set up his character and the situation his character is put in. Tim effortlessly switches between several secondary characters and himself as the tension builds. An examination of the roots of irrational hatred, and how one person can make a difference.

Mark was scheduled for but didn't make it to the next one, but I did see Pam from KFAI and dreamshark and R at the sold out show.

Phyro-Giants! Four and a half stars
Fun as an unpleasant byproduct A dinner conversation between four people who get tipsier and more revealing as the evening progresses, with a self-absorbed waitress coming in at opportune times. Phyro-Giants are that race of being between the Creatrix and the Giants who are his enemy. That gets mentioned once, early, and the banter goes on from there. The characters well drawn, and likable enough that I wouldn't mind going to dinner with them (preferably, to a different restaurant). The acting works splendidly, and everyone's timing is dead on. The dialog and ribald humor are natural and unforced. I'm not sure I would say half that stuff in a public restaurant, but I'm glad they did. A Shockwave Radio review.

Tomorrow: Three shows in the same venue, The Mpls Theatre Garage: Jungle Mary Bang Bang (Disney showtunes), something about a hitchhiker, and Kevin Kling's show. See you there!
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