Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Fringe: Day Nine part b

Yeah, I pooped out before the 11:30 show. Four in a day is enough. 28, and several iPod Interviews. Listen to Shockwave tomorrow.

Borderlines Four and a half stars
Bureaucracy vs. Love Supremely silly. An exaggerated and stylized (yet oddly familiar) bunch of bureaucrats are asked to change the seating arrangement for the show. Oops, sorry, gave away the plot. I'm not sure why this show works, but it does.

Corncobs, Hotdogs and other Dirty Secrets Three and a half stars
Thumbing Through Memphis Three vaguely related stories about hitchhikers and hitchhiking, featuring Southern accents, hillbilly cooking and mildly perverse sex. The last story is the best, and best told.

American Drama: Pocket Edition Four and a half stars
Energy, not subtext Five American plays, ten minutes each, condensed by different writers, performed with energy and wit. The playlets are ribald and salty, as befitting the originals. I'm not sure I understand any of the plays better, but I appreciate them a bit more.
Tags: fringe festival

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