Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Fringe: Day Eleven

The Encore shows have been announced, there's a big wrap party for the Festival and across the street a Mariachi band is playing. But I have to take a nap and then go to Trivia tonight. I'm not burnt out, but I'm very close. The last play I saw was the favorite of several LJers, and while I didn't like it quite as much as they, it was a really good finale to a really great Fringe.

The Wonders of the World: Recite Four and a half stars
A fairy tale More choreographed than performed, this show lives in its own world and gradually draws you in. There are no wasted motions or notions. A quirky, magical, adult world as seen through the eyes of a child, full of music and stars.

This was their last performance, and they ran out of CDs of the show, but I did get both solo CD available. It will be a long while before I get to them.

I hope everyone has been enjoying these reviews. 31! Some of these shows may be coming to a Fringe near you!. And now, to nap... if I can drown out the Latino music...
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