Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

28th Anniversary of Shockwave Radio Theater

"There's no trick to growing old, you just have to wait around long enough." -- Groucho Marx (from memory; mine, not his)

Tomorrow, Sat 9/22/06, will be the 28th Anniversary of Shockwave Radio Theater. It doesn't seem that long. My stint in fandom seems to have gone on forever, but the time as a radio producer is an odd combination of ephemeral and eternal. It's all new, it's all a continuation.

ericcoleman will be our guest. I just had lunch with Everett Forte, one of the pre-fandom founders of the show, who said he'd try to show up. You don't have to give us an Anniversary Gift, even though someone has thoughtfully generated a list that includes the 28th Anniversary. We will, of course, have fun with the concept. Last year, for the 27th Anniversary, we decided that the perfect gift was The Cube. Dice, Borg ships, sculpture, Modern Architecture and so on.

KFAI, Fresh Air Radio 90.3FM Mpls, 106.7-FM St. Paul. 3:30-4pm Central. Streaming audio. most recent show (9/15/06 Polkas until just after the show tomorrow; if you're reading this 9/22 late pm-9/29 early pm you'll get the Anniversary show). I haven't added a Podcast in a few weeks, as I've been busy adding shows to the Shockwave Radio Archive on

I'm fighting a cold and haven't posted much. skylarker's party was fun and I wish I could have stayed longer. Was just getting into a discussion on psychology and thyroids when Shockwave approached.

TV: None of the new shows this fall has grabbed me very hard, and most of the old shows seem down a step. But it's early in the season and maybe I'm jaded after flixing Battlestar Galactica on DVD. Everyone was right, including me: It's very good, and I was right to wait for the DVD.

(Yes, I just invented a word: "Flixing", as in "rented from Netflix". It's a useful word for a concept that doesn't have a word now: I've seen a DVD but returned it, with the potential for related DVDs still to be seen. "Rented" doesn't really cover the experience.)

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