Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

28th Anniversary: The Perfect Show

Inspired by a comment by thorintatge, I declared that the 28h Anniversary of Shockwave Radio Theater was The Perfect Show, and played bits from Shockwave's first year, our second, fourth, seventh and 14th:

  • Lunatennial Milk Carton Satellite Race promo: from our second show in Sept. 1979, read by Everett Forte
  • Time Storm Alert: Part of the sequence of Time Storm Warnings and alerts from the first Minicon Live Stage Show in April, 1981, introduced by Jerry Stearns and performed by Baron Dave Romm
  • first segment of The Fall of the House of Usherette: from The Fall of the House of Usherette (aka Closing Ceremonies), April, 1983, with Kate Worely as the Usherette, Steve Brust as Hercule Pardo, Baron Dave as the Perrier Mason, and others.
  • ISO Mall: A bit of a cheat. The original is from the First Anniversary of the St. Paul Spaceport in Aug 1986, this reading by Kara Dalkey is from the Keep It Moving Show April, 1993. (That puts it at the tail end of the sixth year of the fannish incarnation, but the seventh year of the show itself, and I hope the projection into the future slides it forward in consideration.)
  • Schroedinger's Pet Store: From the Keep It Moving Show April, 1993, performed by Brian Westley and Jon Singer.

    Thanks to special guest ericcoleman who played a relevantly Perfect song. It's always a pleasure, and we got to plug his Mpls show!

    You can hear the show for the next two weeks at the KFAI Archive site. Slide down to Shockwave. Until 9/30, most recent show.

    Note to druidsfire: I realize I can be quiet and modest, but there's more original Shockwave Radio material (not just broadcast shows) than everyone else on the two Laughter is a Powerful Weapon CDs put together. Even including Weird Al. Much of it quite good, though I'm hardly objective.
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