Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Gallery 25 complete: Convergence 2006 w/annotated pictures

I didn't take many pictures at Convergence 2006; heck, I left my camera home on Sunday. But there are some nice pics of the Star Map and various LJers. Previous Convergence galleries are far more journalistic in their coverage, especially 2004 (linked from the gallery page or from any Convergence gallery). Okay... what was next in July... hmm... alierajean's party for Erik, a couple of taffbug pics... maybe I'll combine some leftover June pics from Cryo Ruggie's party and a MN-STF meeting. August is the Fringe Festival, the MN-STF picnic and the MN State Fair. After the Fringe, I was mainly doing podcasts and soundfile stuff.

Which reminds me: KFAI Pledge Drive! Everyone who wants to pledge to Fresh Air Radio, especially for Shockwave Radio Theater (and you know who you are) doesn't have to call during the show (3:30-4pm Central, 612-375-9030) but can pledge online (be sure to mention Shockwave Radio Theater in the appropriate box). You can upgrade an existing membership! Let me know, and I'll make you an extra-special premium (and maybe invite you as a guest).

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