Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Jottings to catch up: Infamous, Mike Ford, today's Shockwave Radio

Went to see Infamous with a new friend. It was either our first, second, third or zeroth date. I'm trying to get her to come to a Halloween party tonight. We shall see; a different post.

Infamous is a movie based on a book based on a book. Truman Capote, who lived in the upper crust of New York City high society and had famous and powerful friends all over the world, wrote In Cold Blood by visiting the Kansas town where the horrible murder of four people took place. George Plimpton wrote Capote about the writing of the book, which is the basis of the movie.

Highly recommended. Infamous effortlessly slips from the hysterically funny, as Capote's wit and unabashed prancing gets the laughs he wants, to the grisly details of the murders, and back again, and then forth. All the acting is great, especially the highly affected Toby Jones as Capote. I don't want to say too much; you probably know the basic story but you should approach it with no expectations.

John M. Ford's Memorial Service was a proper send-off. Many readings from his work, many personal reminiscences. I suspect Mike would have had a good time. I didn't go to the wake, though I was one of the last to leave the reception. At some point, I couldn't take the immediacy of sorrow, and have settled in to a long-term memory.

Bye Mike. It was fun while it lasted. Wherever you are, I hope they appreciate you.

A few months ago I decided that "politics" is a subset of "science fiction humor". With two shows left until the 2006 election, we'll be stomping hard on the funniest (and yet very serious) issues. We may observe the death of Habeus Corpus after 791 years. I'll play some cuts from the latest from George Mann and Julius Margolin, Hail To The Thieves, Volume III: Songs To Take Our Country Back! and probably some Roy Zimmerman and/or The Prince Myshkins and/or The Android Sisters and/or...

3:30pm Central (remember to set your clocks back tonight!). KFAI-FM or streaming audio, two weeks in the KFAI archives. Later, probably podcast and/or permanent archive.

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