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Baron Dave Romm

Leading candidates to win $500,000

Republicans are desperate, and they are cheating, and they aren't even trying to hide it. The $500,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in voter fraud has several front running dirty tricksters to examine:

dreamshark take note. Don't be fooled! You may be getting calls from the dark side and letting your annoyance spill over to the wrong people. That's the idea.

via's War Room (a Premium feature), dailykos, etc:

NRCC Robo Calls Hitting 20 Districts
Over at TPM, we've been keeping tabs on the robo calls being done by the National Republican Campaign Committee all over the country.

In each case, the calls begin with "Hi, I'm calling with information about [insert local Democratic candidate here]," and then continues to provide negative information about the candidate. Counter to FCC rules, which require that the caller identify themselves early on in the call, the calls only reveal that they are paid for by the NRCC at the end of the call. You can listen to one of these calls (from New York's 19th district) here. There are more than a few reports of voters getting frustrated by repeated calls they believe to be from the Dem candidate

Also: Fighting robocalls: Expert advise and updates

Now the thing is, each call is potentially a violation of FCC rules (aside from any other fraud). The potential fines for the GOP operatives run into millions. We'll see whether the FCC is as incompetent as FEMA was under Michael Brown, and we'll see just how Bush appointees handle crimes committed by their friends. Potential friends.

More reports of deliberate fraud, via Talking Points Memo:

Santorum Poll Released by Indicted Republican Operative
Early this morning, Keystone Politics editors received and released a poll by McCulloch Research and Polling showing that Rick Santorum was within 4 points of retaining his Senate seat. Further research into McCulloch Research and Polling shows that Rod McCulloch, principal at the firm, has been indicted in voter fraud and forgery in Illinois.

Among NM Dems, Growing Complaints of GOP Phone Calls
In New Mexico yesterday, the state Democratic Party accused its GOP counterpart of calling Democratic voters and falsely telling them their polling place has changed.

Update. Forgot one specific to Minnesota, from mle292

Secretary of State’s Office Found in Violation of Legislation
It looks as though Mary Kiffmeyer’s Secretary of State website has not properly complied with recent legislation. From today’s [10/30/06] DFL Press Release (the full text of which can be found below the fold):

“The Secretary of State’s website deceives the public about current eligibility requirements for voting in Minnesota elections and doesn’t include all the methods for same day registration,” Minnesota DFL Chair Brian Melendez said. “Unless she’s going to claim that she doesn’t know the law, I’m not sure how she could argue that she’s not in violation. Either way Minnesotans deserve better in the Secretary of State’s office.”

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