Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

In 1964...

In 1964, when I was nine, I remember being at the place to follow the presidential election: My father's newspaper. It was a place that had more than one tv and the reporters were tracking all three tv networks. It was exciting. They let me fill in an electoral chart of the country. It was cool. It was information overload, at least for a nine-year-old, and I enjoyed the heck out of it.

I just came back from door-knocking in S. Mpls with a guy from Turkey. We mostly mopped up last-minute in heavily Dem areas, but we both felt a part of the victory. I think I've done a lot in this election, but there's no substitute for boots on the ground. I came back and...

...turned on CNN, checked CSPAN and a few other tv stations. Most of the local networks aren't going to start heavy coverage until 8 (about 15 minutes from now), so I'll have another three channels to watch. (Fox, of course, is broadcasting House)...

...went on the web and looked at a bunch of sites offering up-to-the-minute commentary and polling and results from around the country...

...poured myself a stiff drink.

In 2006, I'm at the place to follow hundreds of elections: In front of my computer watching cable tv. It's not the same as before, and it may not be better, but it's cool.

I may even take a break for an hour and watch House (vs. taping it), then come back to the horse races.

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