Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

One word: Thanksgiving

I'm here in DC at my brother's house, with him and his pregnant wife, my other brother and his wife, and my mother. I don't know if anyone else is coming. If I don't post in LJ for a while, it's because I have to borrow a computer. E-mail will wait for my return.

Getting here was okay. This was the first plane trip I've taken since the new restrictive regs. After getting timely advice from minnehaha B ("Yes, you'll have to take off clown shoes") and with warnings from the TSA, I planned to get to the airport early. The flight was at 11:30am, and the recommendation was to arrive two hours before the flight. Given everything, I also allows a fair amount of time to get to the airport. I left my place, made the 8:31 bus. I was on a bus, on the LRT, on the shuttle tram at the airport, waited in line for my ticket and went through security.

As I looked around for a drinking fountain to fill my empty water bottle, the announcement came over the speakers: "Local time is now 9:30 AM."

I had a quick breakfast (which also meant I could get ice and water from the soda machine without feeling guilty), took a nap. The flight to Atlanta left on time and arrived early. The flight to DC left on time but encountered bad weather and was late. I gambled a bit and came up short: It was raining in DC but I decided to take the Metro rather than splurge on a taxi. It was still raining, fairly hard, at the end of the trip. Oh well. I arrived at my brother's a bit late more than a little damp. But my luck reasserted itself: They had ordered dinner and it arrived minutes after I got there.

It's now Thanksgiving Day, and people are bustling around. My offers to help have been rebuffed, so I'm taking lots of pictures; family knows my strengths and weaknesses.

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