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Trading Mix CDs with an old friend

kalimac and I go back at least 30 years, to our days in Apanage (the Children's Fantasy APA). I don't recall ever meeting him (maybe at a Worldcon?) but we fanzine fans stick together, even when the zines become blogs. A few days ago, he posted some comments on popular music. I said I now had enough information to trade mix CDs, and he readily agreed. In correspondence, it came out that he liked the Big Daddy songs where he knew the original and could get the joke. That sparked a further idea. Since I had leftover songs (and have even more), I figured I could do a Bonus Disk.

His Folk Into Classical Mix CD just arrived (ETA: Discussed here), and since I mailed mine earlier than he did, I'm going to post this now. (And I get to fix some typos in the crystal case listing...)

Here is the track listing of calimac 1a, with [comments]. I'll put the track listing for calimac 1b: background and bonus behind a cut, to save scrolling.

1. Lady In Black – Uriah Heap 4:49 [I believe this was a hit at the time, but I missed it too]
2. The Truth Won't Fade Away – Procul Harem 4:19 [a later song by a top-40 group]
3. I Know A Place – Petula Clark 2:52 [bouncy pop at its best! Almost used "Color My World"]
4. The Monkees – The Benzadrine Monks of San Bernadino** 3:06 [the first song that is informed by the bonus disk]
5. Reynardine – Fairport Convention 4:35 [this fell off my listening schedule for many years, but now it haunts me]
6. Murder Was The Play – the great Luke Ski 3:19 [one of the best introductions to modern Demented music for those who don't like rap]
7. Ride'em Jewboy – Kinky Friedman 5:10 [the most powerful song by a guy who got 12% of the vote in the 2006 Texas gubernatorial election]
8. Once In A Lifetime – Big Daddy ** 3:43 [The Talking Heads song sung in the style of "Day-O". Both on the bonus disk]
9. Fugu Fish – Timothy Leary 3:02 [seem like the type of song he'd like]
10. Eskimo Pie – Worm Quartet 2:35 [Full title: " Eskimo Pie is Not Pie and Contains Very Little Eskimo". We wordslingers love this sort of thing]
11. Ha Ha Thisaway – Rooftop Singers ** 1:36 [a new (to me) version of an old standard]
12. Impressionists 2-Step – Pop Wagner 3:06 [another intersection of highfalutin' and country]
13. Lawyers, Guns and Money – Warren Zevon 2:58 [the song he's most likely to have heard, but it's great and if he hasn't than he should]
14. Love Radiates Around – The Roches 4:48 [one of my favorite Roches songs, and seemed to fit into his taste]
15. Sikelele – Manfred Mann 3:41 [a great later song by a hitmaker in the 60s]
16. Tide Is High – Blondie 4:41 [bouncy pop of the type I hope he'll like]
17. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – Rik Ocasek ** 4:25 [Cars frontman covers Disney. Two other versions on the bonus disk]
18. The Possible Dream – Shockwave Radio Theater 3:50 [proselytizing, and another wordslinger cut]
19. The Supreme Personality – The Gandharvas 4:19 [bouncy Krishna pop; fulfills my dj itch to give airplay to obscure songs]
20. Seventeen Come Sunday – Steeleye Span 5:04 [I've made mixes without SSpan, but not many. This felt similar to the songs on his list. And besides, I like it and it's a great way to end a CD.]
** ancillary material on calimac 1b: background and bonus disk

** 1. Ave Mundi Spes Maria
–The Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo De Silos 4:20
** 2. (Theme From) The Monkees – The Monkees 2:20
[these two inform the Benzadrine Monks song]
** 3. Once In A Lifetime – Talking Heads 4:21
** 4. Day-O – Harry Belafonte 3:04
[these two inform the Big Daddy song]
** 5. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – Song Of The South 2:20
** 6. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah – Bob B. Soxx And The Blue Jeans 2:51
[the original and a different cover of the Ric Ocasek]
** 7. Ha-Ha This A-Way – Pete Seeger 4:11
[the original, or at least the verson I grew up on]
8. Hunting Tigers Out In Indiah – Bonzo Dog Band 3:05
9. Bombay Girl – Alisha 4:50
[two vaguely related songs; BDB was a great British conceptual humor group and Alisha is a major pop star in India]
10. Powerpuff girl – Lojo Russo 1:55
[a friend and sometime Minneapolis musician. I'm not sure this has been released on a CD, but my five-year-old niece loved it]
11. Come Go with Me –The Del-Vikings 2:43
[a Mpls doo-wop group from the 50s]
12. Electric Hoedown – Dweezil Zappa 3:24
[Not exactly Aaron Copeland, but nifty 80s electronic music]
13. Rawhide – Michael Jackson impersonator 2:45
[the tv theme as done in the style of "Billy Jean". If I'd had a copy of the Jackson, I would have put it on the first CD and referenced both songs on this one]
14. William Tell Overture – Spike Jones 3:26
[I don't know how much calimac likes his classical ripped to shreds. We shall see]
15. Old Egypt – Boogie Knights 3:22
[nifty filk to the Beach Boy's "Kokomo". Another cut that if I'd had the original, this would have been on the first CD with the related song on this one]
16. If Pigs Could Fly – Sandy Andina 2:38
[Chicago fan, from her great "vanity CD"]
17. Preposterous – Nate Bucklin 3:24
[one of my favorite songs from Mpls fan Nate's latest CD]
18. Home – Riverfolk 3:06
[one of my favorite songs from Mpls fans latest CD]
19. Wabash Cannonball – The Chieftans w/Ricky Skaggs 3:25
[Country collides with Celtic]
20. Roll Over Beethoven – Electric Light Orchestra 4:35
[Beethoven collides with Chuck Berry and disco]
21. Gettysburg Address – Lord Buckley 5:15
[Beat poetry. An amazing cut.]
22. Man of Constant Sorrow – Tonic Sol-Fa 2:29
[local Minnesota a cappella group]
23. Streets of London – Ralph McTell 4:07
[And I end on what is perhaps my favorite song of all time]
** informs a song on calimac 1a

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