Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Summer 2006 Gallery finished; New Years Party

Finally Finished annotating the Summer 2006 Photo Gallery. As always, corrections are welcome. I announced the gallery in LJ earlier, but now the larger photos have text and links, and the thumbnail page has the sequences.

Chronologically, my next project should be Convivial followed by a Romm Family Gallery of Thanksgiving, but I promised Dee and Cory their wedding pictures. This is a bigger project than it sounds.

Had a great time at the MN-STF New Year's Party at cakmpls's. I had a long list of memories and people I talked to, but my browser hiccuped and LJ didn't save a draft. Suffice it to say it was nice meeting ithildae and wife; let's hope it isn't their last meeting. asimovberlioz called from the past. And so on. If you were there, please extract egoboo from this entry.

A great party. I hope the hosts enjoy the personalized Apples-to-Apples cards.

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