Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

"I believe I'm the only person who has interviewed both Keith Ellison and Dr. Demento."

Reflecting in a moment of self-soubt, a unique set of experiences comes to the fore.

Every decade or so, Fresh Air Radio overhauls its schedule. Last week, a proposed schedule came out, and Shockwave wasn't on it. I'm very disappointed, but not terribly surprised: No one ever knows quite what to do with me. I've survived other schedule changes and I'll probably wind up someplace on the new schedule, though I might have to wait a few months when the station goes to three audio streams (two digital).

At the meeting where we got to air our concerns, I had the task of being humble enough to ask to remain on the air while simultaneously demonstrating a unique perspective for an under-served audience. Bragging more than a little, I blurted out confluence of two interviews with people from completely different walks of life.

And that got me thinking. Always dangerous. I've done very few things that no one has done, but my experiences are wide and varied, and I tried to come up with things that no one could claim to have done any two of. Hence the following list. I bent the rules a little with some of the AND lines, and I have no way to track anyone else's experience, but here goes. These are not in any sort of order, and they are not necessarily related to Shockwave Radio Theater. (I won't be terribly hurt if more people join me in any two of these; I'll just go to three and/or invite them for a drink.)

No other person in the world has done any TWO of the following:

1. Interviewed Keith Ellison
2. Interviewed Dr. Demento
3. Interviewed Tom Kelly in the dugout of the Metrodome AND Jesse Ventura in the governor's mansion
4. Written a play performed by David Ossman
5. Written a play performed by Mike Ford
6. Written a play performed by the great Luke Ski
7. Written a play performed by Roger Corman's stand-in when Roger couldn't make it
8. Recorded penguins in Antarctica
9. Taken a tram in Andorra
10. Edited a Daily Newsletter at a Science Fiction Worldcon
11. Ridden to a Pete Seeger concert in a car driven by Pete Seeger
12. Published a speech by Samuel R. Delany
13. Published poetry by Dr. Frederick Wertham
14. Besides Dave Sim, written dialog for Cerebus the Aardvark approved of by Dave Sim
15. Hosted/Produced a radio program for more than 25 years
16. Designed curriculum for a course in Advanced HTML
17. Typed the contract NSP (the electric utility now known as Xcel Energy) has with the City of Minneapolis
18. Given a massage to Jane Yolen while she was on a panel at an sf con
19. Was assistant projectionist for a showing of Way Down East with Lillian Gish in the audience
20. Was the first person to bring The Rocky Horror Picture Show to the Albany NY area
21. Helped build costumes for the May Day Parade put on by the Heart of the Beast Theater in Mpls AND seen them add helium to the balloons for the Thanksgiving Day Parade put on by Macy's in NYC
22. Helped pick both the New York State Lottery AND the Minnesota Fringe Festival winning entries by drawing ping-pong balls
23. Gamed in the worlds of Dave Arneson AND MAR Barker
--- I'm less sure of the intersected-uniqueness of these, but I'm going to add them in anyway, since I'm bragging:
24. Had entries published in both the New York Magazine's Competition AND the Washington Posts' Style Invitational
25. Edited my High School newspaper
26. Published fanzines using hectography AND made podcasts with pictures and links
27. Taken photographs published in my High School newspaper AND used as LiveJournal icons (different pictures)

Okay, now it's your turn to brag. I now propose this TTD (Thing To Do, replacing the misnomer Meme):

Come up with a list of things YOU have done in your life that is highly unlikely that anyone else has done any two of.

"That which doesn't thrill me makes me stranger." -- Baron Dave Romm

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