Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Mythbuster Results

Many of my FList are fans of the PBS program Mythbusters, where a group of crazy engineers and former movie sfx people recreate and try to prove or disprove various myths. Here is a website with the Mythbuster Results into the fifth season. Some selected myths:

You stay drier running in the rain than walking.
When originally tested, the faster you run the wetter you get.
*The original result was "busted," but when revisted in episode 38 it was changed to "confirmed."

Cola is able to clean chrome.
It surprisingly cleaned the chrome better than the commercial chrome polish used for comparison.

A duck's quack does not echo.
When examined by an audio-expert, it was found that the echo was "swallowed" by the original quack, due to the very similar acoustic structure between the quack and the echo. Because of this, it may be difficult to tell where the quack ends and the echo begins.

Toast is more likely to land buttered side-down when dropped.
In an extensive and highly objective test the toast showed no statistical preference for landing buttered side-down or up when dropped. It was an even 50-50 split when the final results were compared. However, when pushed off the side of a table, toast showed preference to flip once and land buttered side down.

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