Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Joe Romm podcast now available

I just added the iPod interview I did with brother Joe about his book on Global Warming, Hell and High Water.

Shockwave Radio podcasts
podcast of Joe Romm interview

You can listen to any of these (and see the pictures and embedded links) through most browsers. You don't (usually) need iTunes or an iPod.

Geek grump: Podcasting is the only html that I don't do by hand, and naturally it doesn't work as well as I'd like. Specifically, the footer on the main Podcast page. All the links don't seem to work. Dave Romm's Portal links to, but none of the other links work. They work in iWeb. (the go to archives link is part of the standard template; I wish I could move it). Suggestions?

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