Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Must see (in repeats) TV

Catching up on taped shows, two of the best of the season were timeshifted.

Scrubs: The Musical was broadcast Thursday. A terrific episode. Not only was it great music nicely sung (okay, about B+) with nice harmonies and decent dancing, but the songs work with the story. A solid story with intertwining plots. If you've never seen an episode of Scrubs, this is a good introduction. If you've followed the show for years, this will satisfy you. The characters, relationships and conflicts are introduced and advanced. In song.

YouTube has one of the songs ("Guy Love") and the episode is available on iTunes. wormquartet, lukeski or another of the Dementia Artists should really work up "It All Comes Down To Poo" for the stage. If you don't want to try streaming sources, just watch for it in reruns or DVD.

The 30 Rock which followed was also good. The show took a while to get going, but is consistently pretty good now.


The Colbert Report's guest on Thursday was Bill O'Reilly. Stephen Colbert has made a career out of parodying Papa Bear O'Reilly, and the two have finally agreed to be on each other's show. I'm not so into it that I'm going to actually watch The O'Reilly Factor, but I did see The Report. The first part of the show was good, as always. The part with O'Reilly was hilarious.

Nothing important was said. Colbert duly plugged O'Reilly's book. O'Reilly appeared dignified and calm. He remained unruffled by Colbert's unceasing volley of out-O'Reillying O'Reilly. He tried to go toe-to-toe with Colbert, and was outmatched, but held serve. With the exception of two different cheap shots at Jon Stewart, Papa Bear's jokes were okay. I laughed all the way through, and I suspect O'Reilly's fans did too.

This show will be repeated a lot today (Fri) and probably on YouTube and such. Worth it.

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