Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

mle292's Mix CD Challenge: Drinking Songs

Okay, I'm going to stop working on it now. Probably. Except for the label and cover.

Last week, mle292 proposed a CD Exchange at Marscon about drinking songs. I already had two compilations in my archives (one easily made from iTunes) and was rarin' to go. But then I discovered that the two had an overlap: Beer Barrel Polka, possibly two different versions by the Andrews Sisters, but still enough to sour me on distributing them both at the same time. Plus I really should just make one for the project. So painfully mixing down the two plus adding a few newer (to me) songs that seemed appropriate, I wind up with:

At The Hops

1 Lily The Pink – Irish Rovers 3:20
2 Living With The Dreaming Body – Poi Dog Pondering 3:52
3 Witnesses' Waltz – Kristoph Klover 3:43
4 Coconut – Nilsson 3:51
5 Olde Time Beer – Wally Pleasant 2:26
6 Beer Barrel Polka – Andrews Sisters 2:50
7 John Barleycorn – Traffic 6:22
8 Were All These Beer Cans Here Last Night? (From Deadwood) – Beatnik Turtle 3:21
9 In Heaven There Is No No Beer – Clean Living 2:28
10 Alone At The Drive-In Movie – Big Daddy 2:00
11 Dark Wine and Roses – Cecelia Eng 4:31
12 Four Nights Drunk – Steeleye Span 3:04
13 Gitarzan – Ray Stevens 3:14
14 Kickapoo Joy Juice – The Rivingtons 2:34
15 I Get A Kick Out of You – Frank Sinatra 2:51
16 Scotch and Soda – Kingston Trio 2:31
17 The Pirate Song – Tony Goldmark 3:03
18 Sloop John B – Beach Boys 2:53
19 Second Week Of Deer Camp – Da Yoopers 2:49
20 Tavern In The Town – Jimmy Sturr Featuring Willie Nelson 2:06
21 Whiskey On A Sunday – The Irish Rovers 2:43
22 Will His Love Be Like His Rum? – Harry Belafonte 2:35
23 Gilgarry Mountain – Peter, Paul & Mary 6:02
24 Last Call – Dave van Ronk 2:30

*sigh* Only one Steeleye Span song, though two Irish Rovers. One and a half cheats; okay two and a half cheats, if you want to be really strict (guesses?). This satisfies my desire to mix well-known and obscure, fast and slow, old and new, pathos and humor, beer and whiskey. I'd be willing to bet that almost everyone has heard several of these songs but almost no one has heard all these songs, and who has heard what will vary wildly. Still, 78:36 worth of alcohol for the ears.

I may still tweak the name and some of the entries, but dreamshark has already announced her compilation is ready for the Pool Party tomorrow (Sat), and I'm ready.

So... anyone else want to exchange Drinking Songs? This is an exchange: A Mix for A Mix. The challenge is for Marscon, but I'll have a few around at the Pool Party.

Edited To Add: Okay, I just ran off a half-dozen copies. Any left over from the Pool Party will be at Marscon. I rather expect to have to make more, given everything said on LJ and allowing for others.

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