Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Dementia artists: A review, a challenge and a favor

A review: In my column for today's Bartcop-E, I dig out and update reviews of several musicians appearing at Marscon 2007. Near the top. Page is updated daily, so after today it will be in the archives, link near the bottom.

A challenge: For next week's column, I want all the musicians at Marscon to recommend other musicians. Doesn't have to be long; a paragraph or two. If you want to e-mail me text, that would save typing, but I'll be happy to get a piece of paper or write down your recommendations at the con. These are recommendations, not just random reviews, and you should say a few words about why you like the group/artist. Preferably, you should talk about people I don't know or haven't reviewed yet. Not recently updated archive of reviews at Baron Dave's Recommended Music.

A favor: Fresh Air Radio is finalizing their new schedule and Shockwave Radio isn't on it. The station has had two sets of meetings on the schedule change, and the Programming Committee is set to meet the week after Marscon. I hope to convince them to let me take one of the open slots, perhaps Friday evening. After the schedule is announced I can apply for a show, but my best shot is to have Shockwave remain on the schedule.

At Marscon, I'll be running around soliciting station IDs and audio comments of support for Shockwave. I don't know if we're up to sending e-mails to the Programming Committee, but Please think good thoughts and help me out!

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