Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Keep Shockwave Radio on the air!

I'm off to Washington DC to greet my new niece and perhaps visit Sen. Amy Klobuchar. I won't be on LJ much for a few days, so I'm announcing this now.

KFAI-FM released their new schedule, to be implemented July 1, and Shockwave is not on it! I'm submitting a proposal to fill one of the empty slots, but I need your support!

Call the station during our Pledge Drive, especially when Shockwave is on the air 3:30-4:00pm Central, Saturday April 14th or April 21st. But you can call anytime during the Pledge Drive, operators are standing by. A perfect use for those Late Night minutes! 612-375-9030. You can also go to the Fresh Air Radio's web site. A pledge would be ideal (we have good premiums!) and even five or ten bucks will make a difference, but simply telling them how much Shockwave means to you, who listen on podcasts or read reviews and commentary on the web, would be greatly appreciated!

I'm trying to convince the station that Shockwave, in all its ramifications, extends well beyond the broadcast show, and that it should continue as one of the fine programs on a very eclectic schedule to an underserved audience. We've been on the air since 1979, and are a fixture in many circles, not all of which are traditional broadcast media. Everyone who has heard a Shockwave Distribution Tape or Shockwave CD or listens to the Shockwave Radio podcasts or attended a Live Stage Show at Minicon or Marscon knows that we go the extra mile for our fans.

Please write to Program Director Dan Richmond and say, in your own words, how much you appreciate Shockwave Radio and our unique efforts, broadcast and otherwise. Dan, like everyone else at the station, is a really good guy and does an exceptional job, so be nice.

Thanks in advance!

Please spread this to interested parties who may not read my LJ. Crossposted to marscondementia

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