Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Women of the Future, Part I: Antonia Sinicropi Romm

Back from DC. What follows is a very brief and truncated trip report, landing on two notable meetings.

Antonia and Uncle Dave

New niece Antonia was worth the trip! I got to do some touristy stuff, visiting the National Gallery and seeing The Capitol Steps and such. But I went to greet the nine-week old addition to the Romm and Sinicropi clans. Cute! Blurbly! 12 lbs!

My Baby Mojo was only about 3/4 working. She was fascinated by my fingers, and stared intently at me from several feet away. We played Tongue. I would make funny faces, sticking out and wagging the tongue, and she experimented with her own. I held her for several minutes at a time, while she was thinking, "hmm... beard, glasses... you're not my mother" and fussed and gently cried after a while. A bit of cooing and rocking settled her down, but eventually the "not the mama!" aspect took over and I had to hand her back.

My brother's book is doing well. His interviews for Hell and High Water are down to one every two days. The Climate Progress blog is proceeding apace and now that his daughter is born he's thinking of new projects. For a birthday present, he gave me the first season of Lost, which will move up the viewing queue (and delay some Netflix sequences).

Sister-in-law Patty is a terrific mom and wonderful host. A quickly prepared meal is an Italian feast. The house is piled with baby books and strange looking rattles but is neat enough to be in a magazine spread. She still follows politics, though she's taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom, and provided background information on the recent Supreme Court ruling on late-term abortions.

My mom is out and about at 82, often outpacing me up stairs. She's going to Iceland in a few months, on the same cruise line which took us to Antarctica. She had pictures of her South Pacific trip last year. I backed them all up on her computer and burned CDs as secondary backup (and so she could take them to be printed).

But there were other doings in the soggy cold DC air...

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