Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

The Daily Show 4/24/07 -- brilliant

A recent Pew survey showed that viewers of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are better informed than viewers of any other news shows (for certain value of "news"), with Fox "News" viewers being the least informed. Tonight, we got an especially sharp reminder of why this is so.

Tonight's Show, April 24, 2007, started off with a piece of fluff with Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Reid getting physical. The next segment was a brilliant and devastating debate between... First term Pres. Bush and Current Pres. Bush. Ah, the flip flops. No other source covers the current occupant of the White House more accurately than The Daily Show.

Still, the highlight was lengthy interview with Sen. John McCain. McCain is The Daily Show's most frequent guest, and host Jon Stewart felt very comfortable with him. Stewart has, in the past, bent over backwards with his conservative Republican guests, and often tiptoes around their lies and deceit. With McCain, Stewart was far more direct and dead on target, dissecting erroneous rhetoric and pointing out where arguments were specious and just plain wrong.

Leap at the chance to see this show. The episode is not notable for any one line or bit of satire, it's notable for covering the issues in a way the conservative news media just refuses to. You will be better informed.

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