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Convergence pictures up

The pictures I took at Convergence 2005 are now on the net. I haven't connected them to the rest of the site, so at the moment my Live Journal friends are the only ones who know... but feel free to spread the word. I'll fix the gallery listings and the main page soon, and let Convergence know so they can direct people here.

When the dust settled, there were 163 pictures, divided up into two thumbnail pages (with the thumbnails cropped differently than the picture, of course) connected to each other. Minimal annotation and hyperlinks for such a large project. Best to start at picture 1 then go from pic to pic (click on the arrow at the upper right).

Convergence Gallery A | Convergence Gallery B

Of egoscanning interest to my LJ Friends:

lukeski concert pics 84, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88 and one from "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Filking" panel at 93

ericccoleman from the Filk panel 91

Richard Tatge also from Filk panel

thorintatge and jiawen 70

morgantisofkent Shows some cheesecake

chirosinger and chasophonic during Riverfolk concert 46, 47, 48

bonz_lizard wins an award! 148, 149

mmagidow 109

fmsv vs. the machine 65, 66, 67

Lots of other LJers in the photos, but only my Friends get to see their pictures first.


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