Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Mayday picture of the (May) Day

The second today! Everyone's getting their pictures up, so I might as well release some of the better ones before I'm too far behind the curve...

... and speaking of curves, here is the Resting Place of the Mayday Parade Costumes in Powderhorn Park. Looking North from the Southeast corner. You can see the huuuuuuge pipe, beginning in the lower left. The head of the costume (can't call it a float) is the Forest Green thing, and it curves around to just in front of the Hare Krishna yellow-and-red tent, near the green Mother of Waters. You can see a dragon, turtles and others.

A larger image than usual, and the panorama still feels small.

Mayday Parade Costumes
Mayday Parade costumes, at rest, May 6, 2007

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