Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Catching up, watching Lost, leaving town

Well, I've been kind of busy the last week, not that I have a lot to show for it.

Tomorrow (Sat 6/2) I head off to the Bay Area to visit relatives. My first cousin once removed (I think), is turning 90 and it's a good excuse to reconnect with that side of the family. Last time I was there was for my aunt's funeral. This trip should be more joyous. For you academic types with long memories, she's the widow of Morton Grodzins of "tipping point" fame.

While there, I hope to see kalimac (who's on point for making arrangements), vgqn (who suggested a good restaurant in Berkeley) and ambertatge (who I associate with San Jose, not San Francisco, but I guess it's all close) and possibly others. I won't have a lot of non-family time but I should be able to peel off for a dinner on Wed. I'm staying with my cousin in Berkeley; she's wired but I won't be at the computer nearly as much as at home, so LJing will be less.

dreamshark came up with not one but two CD collections featuring song of despair, the first being Life Sucks And Then You Die. I briefly considered retaliating, but it was too depressing just listing the songs. Without trying too hard I have over 60 possibilities listed, and I didn't get to the songs about AIDS. A few "She left him", a few "I've ruined my life", the odd "my legs were shot off in the war" remembrance and a Holocaust song. Tentatively entitled "Worse Than Death", I don't even want to post the list. The cheeriest entry is House of the Rising Sun...

I've now watched all of the first season of Lost, and will pick through the 7th Bonus disk before I go. I'm very glad I waited for the DVDs. The DVD has the HD broadcast (ie widescreen) and a few commentaries. I saw one or two of the episodes at the time, and had no idea what was going on. You have to watch them, in order, from the beginning.

I'm not sure Lost is worth the fuss, but they're well-written and I gobbled down all the episodes in less than a month. I have a theory (which is mine) about what's going on. I won't say what it is, since there are two whole seasons worth of shows that probably shoot down my particular take, but so far everything seems to fit. I nearly tempted fate by putting the numbers in the Subject line, but I'm a little paranoid...

Projects to do before I leave tomorrow: A Bartcop-E column (which I normally write on Sundays), a new CD for my niece Sydney (eight going on nine, I think), a Shockwave show (no, I haven't heard anything about the new schedule), laundry, charge batteries, pack.

The flight is at 9:25pm Sat.; anyone want to drive me to the MN-STF meeting and thence to the airport by 7:30 or so?

Returning on Thursday eve.

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