Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Mayday gallery

I'm a fair bit into the gallery for Mayday 2007. As usual, my LJ friends get First Peek. I think I've struck a fair balance between covering the event and only publishing my favorite pictures. The MN-StF Picnic section is near the end.

The project is not finished. And, as always, corrections and emendations are encouraged.

Note to people in the parade: I'm especially hoping you will help me figure out how to label participants and sections. I've been using the HOBT website, but they don't match pictures with subject.

Note to K: Yes, you may tell hobt about the gallery, though please wait until it's done (or at least tell them of its incomplete state). These are all cropped and compressed, so larger pictures are available.

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