Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote,
Baron Dave Romm

Shockwave Radio Theater -- on hiatus

I just got back from the Programming Committee meeting at KFAI where they picked the program in the slot that Shockwave had applied for. Alas, they didn't pick us.

As they went around the table, Shockwave was generally the third choice, when people expressed an interest in three. It came down to a nationally syndicated show (the show in the slot now) partially because we get grant money to broadcast these shows; and a new local show concentrating on kids music. The kids music show won the day.

So... Saturday will be Shockwave's last show... last broadcast show... at that timeslot... on Fresh Air Radio. I'm going to continue as a web show (as many others have) and will reapply in the fall when the station adds digital streams. I'm also likely to continue working at the station in some volunteer capacity.

28 years is a long time. I could use a break. Garrison Keillor took a break from A Prairie Home Companion, and Shockwave has been on the air longer (because of the break) and has done more shows. Internet radio, podcasts and such are growing, so I'll concentrate more on producing them for the nonce.

More later, perhaps. In the meantime, there's a bottle of tequila with my name on it.

I have an idea for the last show, but I'm open to suggestion.

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