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iPod interview preview

Well, I'm not up to formally announcing the page, but LJ Friends, as usual, get the Work In Progress. I did a whole bunch of interviews on my iPod at the Fringe Festival (and one at the Uptown Art Fair and one at the Loring Grill). I'm slowly but surely putting them on the web, and currently have eight of them up on the Fringe page. I'm learning the limitations of the iPod & mic: sometimes the recordings aren't so hot and sometimes massaging the soundfiles into something usable was tricky, but this is what I have.

Feel free to listen to the mp3s of interviews with the creators of Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban and Joseph Scrimshaw and others. Personally, I like the Otis and Melvin interview because it was so unexpected. Please let me know about any problems.

Eventually, I'll put up the other several interviews and maybe even the pictures from the Fringe/Art Fair. But slowly.
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