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Watching the world in panorama

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Baron Dave Romm
13 April 1955
My name is, variously, David E Romm (no period on the E, thank you), Dave Romm or DavE (not "DavE Romm").

I'm a real baron of a fake country. I have a certificate that says so. My title may be affixed to any of the preceding cognomens.

I produce Shockwave Radio Theater; broadcast on KFAI-FM for nearly 30 years, on the web since. Lots of information about the show on the web including audio files and scripts and CD ordering info. Currently on hiatus from broadcasting, Shockwave continues online with new podcasts and material from our archives.

I take too many pictures to put up properly annotated galleries, but I'll get to the recent cons as soon as I can. I'll announce new galleries on Live Journal, please spread the word.

And here's a search feature that used to work but seems to be broken:
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